Ian Stapleton Cordasco

I am a Software Developer with over 10 years of industry experience and well over a decade of open source software development experience.

Non-technical Experience

I have experience leading teams of engineers with both more and less experience than me. I understand that the most valuable thing for a team is for it to have a shared understanding of where we are and where we’re going and work to ensure that we come as close to attaining that as possible.

I’m constantly learning more about effective communication, team organization, and self-reflection and improvement. I share my experiences with the team and try to help normalize making mistakes and learning from them. I seek to build a culture of psychological safety for all on the team.

Technical Experience

Much of my experience is in Python and Go but I love to stretch beyond my comfort zone and frequently use some of my personal time to learn new languages, paradigms, and ways of approaching problems. I always want to learn new things and see problems from different perspectives.

I’m comfortable in Rust, Ruby, C, and Java. I can hold my own with JavaScript and front-end frameworks but any developer with actual skill in writing or using JavaScript would be horrified by what I might write.

I’m a maintainer of more open source software than I realistically have the time for.


The links in the footer all have my contact information in various forms. I trust you to know which way is most appropriate if you need to reach me.